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Advanced Skills Clinics

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Join us this summer for dynamic skill specific clinics on passing, defense, setting and attacking! We are offering two clinics per week in each skill set. Choose the skills you want to develop to the next level and register below! 

It is recommended, but not required, to attend both clinic days for each skill (M/W or T/TH) in order to maximize cohesion in training and receive the most benefit for your player!



$50/each clinic or 

$90/week (both of the same skill)

Ages: U13-U18

All clinics are @ Vertical Sports Performance

1131 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced (at least 3 years of club experience)

Session Dates

Week 4:

July 15th-18th


Week 5:

July 22nd-25th


Week 6:

August 5th-8th

Week 1:

June 10th-13th


Week 2:

June 17th-20th


Week 3:

June 24th-27th

Skills Clinic Details...

Expand your Defensive Range



An effective defender is someone who has the ability to defend a large area on the court (aka range). We will teach floor defense (sprawl / 1 arm extensions / pancakes), overhand dig and hard driven manipulation. You will learn multiple defensive schemes from different locations on the court.

Passing Dimes



Serve receive passing is arguably the most valuable skill in this sport. If you can keep your team in system with your passing, you will find time on the court! We will teach the value of using your arms and angles while also emphasizing footwork. We will work on specific mechanics for passing a variety of serves.

Setters: Running an Offense



We will not only teach setting mechanics, but you will learn how to establish an effective offense using vision. We will also incorporate defense, serving and ways to attack as a setter (dump / overset / hitting on two). 

Attacking with a Purpose



Hitting mechanics and timing are just the beginning. Having intention and strategy is what separates good hitters from effective hitters. We will teach techniques and concepts that broaden the range and purpose of attacking to become a more effective and efficient hitter. Outsides, Right Sides, and Middles are welcome! 

Add our serving clinic:  Serving as a Weapon!

Tuesdays 3pm-4pm

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