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All Skills Camp

Ages: 5th -8th grades in Fall 2023

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Camps are held at:

Vertical Sports Performance

1131 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

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This comprehensive camp will cover not only on-court skills, but also teach you about skills you can use off of the court to give you the best chance for success.

Whether it is serving and passing; setting and attacking; or just some gritty defense, we want to help you get there while building problem solving skills, strategy, and work ethic!

Here is what to expect for our technical focus:

Serving: keys such as self-toss, ball contact, and weight distribution.

Passing: keys such as footwork, posture, and platform.

Setting: keys such as footwork, hand positioning, touch, and location.

Attacking: keys such as approach footwork, jumping, arm-work, contact, and torque.

Defense: keys such as court positioning, movement, contact, and floor moves. 

Campers are expected to attend all four days in their entirety. One year of club experience is recommended. 

Camp attendance limited to 24 athletes. One week notice required for cancellation.

9am - 12pm
Session 1:
June 12th-15th

Session 2:

June 19th-22nd

Session 3:
July 10th-13th

(waitlist only)

Session 4:
July 17th-20th

Registration Closed!
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