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Director's Camp

This 4-day high-level intensive all-skills camp will be led by Actyve Directors, Lainey Gera & Kristian Kuld, with the help of many of Actyve's other top coaches.


This comprehensive camp will cover not only on-court skills, but also teach you about skills you can use off of the court to give you the best chance for success.

Campers are expected to attend all four days in their entirety and MUST have at least one year club volleyball experience. 

Camp attendance limited to 24 athletes (experience required, ages 12-15). No refunds after July 12th. 

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August 17th-20th
9am - 2pm
$550 - 15 hrs of Training & Education

Sample Camp Itinerary -- Subject to Change

Day 1 - Monday August 17th

- Dynamic Range of Motion (DROM) Warmup Intro

- Basic ball control series

- Passing Session (technical review & understanding rhythm)

- Serving Session (skill review and jump serving) 


- Competitive mindset training & goal setting session

- Blocking (swing blocking, arm positioning, footwork)

- Play


Day 2 - Tuesday August 18th

- DROM & ball control series warm ups
- Setting Session (footwork, rhythm, understanding offenses, hand positioning)

- Attacking Session (shoulder mechanics & dynamic approach, hitting different sets)
- Play 


- Video Review (technique critique)

- Defense Session (front & back row)


Day 3 - Wednesday August 19th

- Skill Advancement & running an offense

- Serving with a purpose

- Teamwork & skill combining


- Group Plyometrics & Conditioning Session

- Nutrition Education

- Qualities of an elite competitor


Day 4: Thursday August 20th

- Scouting & game planning video session (introduction of charting)

- Intensive skill small groups (athletes separate into position groups)

- Skill competitions for prizes


- Team/Game competition and game play for prizes

- Team Skit performances

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