Head Coach 12-Molten


My name is Kofi Ahwa Yankey and I have been involved in coaching/playing volleyball for over 30 years, both at the college as well as the high school level. I learned how to play volleyball in secondary school in Ghana, West Africa. I’ve played and won tournaments on every playing surface; indoor, grass and sand, however, the majority of my playing has been indoors. I initially started off as a setter/middle blocker, but later move to outside hitter.


My coaching philosophy is that;

“There is no Shame in Losing, only Shame if You Give Up!”

Coaching Experience

I gained a lot of my coaching and playing experience from working with both San Diego City College, and later with Southwestern Community College, as assistant head coach, and university programs. Being around the USA National Team Volleyball Program, when they were based in San Diego, also contributed to my understanding and ability to dissect a problem and create a counter-strategy. It was great to have had that resource available to me

Head Coach for the St. Monica Catholic Elementary School Girls B-team and Boys A-team volleyball teams. The Girls B-team, from 2008 through 2015 took first or tied for first in their league; the B-team Girls usually made it to the Final Four. The Boys program also started to catch up with the Girls program, with them making it all the way to the quarter-finals, this past spring 2016.

A number of my former players have either played, or are presently playing for various High school/College Girls volleyball teams. My long term goal is to create a competitive volleyball program that encourages and promotes good Fair Play, Hard work, Fun of the game, Self-esteem and Camaraderie all within a positive Catholic environment.

I also founded the San Diego High school Boys Volleyball Team, and for the ten seasons that I was the coach, the team was ranked in the top 4 and never fell out of the top ten rankings, winning the league several times and with players taking top honors both academically and athletically.

I emphasize academic excellence; I want to make sure that my players understand that they are students first. I also strive to create a positive learning environment, one that promotes respect for the player, their team mates, their coaches and a willingness to serve, be it at school or in the community.