Asst Coach 16 Blue
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Mari grew up in San Rafael, California and discovered volleyball at the age of 7 and fell in love with the sport. Mari played on the Boys and Girls club leagues until learning about club volleyball. The next year Mari played for Absolute Volleyball Club where she would continue playing indoor for the next six years before finding her passion for beach volleyball. 


Mari not only played, but also began coaching at Absolute Volleyball Club at the age of 13. She continued to coach for the next six years helping with the 11-1’s program, the 13 premier team, and the Junior Jumpers program (11 and under). Mari decided to attend Long Beach and play for the schools beach volleyball team and is continuing to coach at Actyve volleyball club.

Coaching Experience

Actyve Volleyball Club

  • 2020/21 - Asst Coach

  • 2019/20 - 14-MOlten Black Asst Coach & 12 Mizuno Asst Coach

  • 2018/19 - 14- Mizuno K & 18-Mizuno Asst Coach

Absolute Volleyball

  • 2013 11-1’s, Junior Jumpers

  • 2014 13premier, 11-1’s, Junior Jumpers

  • 2015 13premier, 11-1’s, Junior Jumpers

  • 2016 11-2’s, 11-1’s, Junior Jumpers

  • 2017 11-2’s, 11-1’s, Junior Jumpers

Main Beach Volleyball Club

  • 2018 14-1’s

Playing Experience

Mari started playing when she was just 7 years old and started as setter for Absolute Volleyball Club by 10, helping lead her teams to Junior Nationals each year. She led her Redwood Varsity team to MCAL champs and NCS Champs for the 3 years she played. Mari earned honorable mention selection as a sophomore, player of the week for max preps as a junior, and D2 MaxPreps player of the Year in 2016. Mari switched to beach volleyball her junior year where she attended Cabrillo Community College for a year helping her team win a state championship in 2019 at the 1 seed. Mari continued her beach career and currently plays at Long Beach State where she hopes to one day win a national championship.