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Private Training


Jump Squad


Private Training

Private Training allows for one on one personal attention with one of our highly experienced coaches that can be altered to fit your specific training needs that can not always be meet in team/group environments. With attention to details and constant feedback your athlete will see results quickly.


  • One on one attention with our coaches will help accelerate the learning and growth process

  • Improves overall volleyball skills in a controlled environment

  • High quantity and quality of repetitions and feedback

  • Develop specific skills or position training in a one on one session


At Actyve we require our athletes to attend plyometric training sessions. We feature high intensity work outs that help to improve quickness, agility, vertical jump and overall strength that can take your game to the next level.


  • Focuses on agility and overall endurance

  • Improves foot speed and agility

  • Learn and identify exercies that will help with injury prevention

  • Develop overall strength

  • Train and develop all fast twitch muscles

Jump Squad/Vertimax

If you’re looking for training drills to radically increase any player’s explosive leg power to improve leaping ability and defensive speed and flat out generate dominant hitters and blockers, then the Jump Squad is for you!

Utilizing a series of fast-twitch explosive movements, strength training, endurance, hip mobility, and core conditioning and more, the Jump Squad is sure to increase vertical explosion and overall strength of the athlete. The use of the VertiMax Trainer in each workout equipment is a key to make that happen.

Due to the complexity and intensity of the Jump Squad workouts, it will be limited to athletes aged 15-18 and requires mandatory attendance to all sessions.

To register and find out more info about Jump Squad, email:

For all athletes, we offer the private use of our Vertimax Trainer. 

Male or female, at any level, from youth – to professional athletes, if you want to engage in drills that quickly develop more competitive athletes on the court, there’s no better choice than VertiMax to elevate a player above the competition and dominate matches.


The Vertimax, is the leading vertical jump and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading on-platform with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform speed training out to approximately 30 feet.

  • Dramatically increase vertical jump

  • Improve overall food speed and agility

  • Develop muscle strength that will help prevent injury

  • Train and develop explosive footwork

Jump Squad
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