Questions You May Ask a College Coach
  • Are you Recruiting my position in the year [insert year in question]?

  • Have you had a chance to see me play? What are your thoughts?

  • Where do I stand on your list of potential recruits?

  • How do your players balance academics and volleyball?

  • Do you offer summer camps?

  • Is there academic support?

  • What is your normal season schedule and out-of-season schedule?

  • Does the team stay together in the same dorms?

  • What type of team bonding are held?

  • As a coach, do you require study hall for the team?

  • Does the volleyball team have a weight training coach?

  • How often is the team in hotels overnight?

  • What form of transportation is provided to and from games?

  • What are the admission requirements?

  • Do your players graduate within four years?

  • Do you have an academic advisor for the team?

  • What medical resources do you have on campus and off campus for injuries, sickness, etc.?

  • Are the players on your team close as family?

  • Is there anything the coach may want from the student athlete (grades, film, etc.)

  • Are you required to be on campus during the summer?

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