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Actyve College Recruiting

With our entire staff having experience at the Division 1 level, we recognize the importance of the recruiting process. Kristian, Jon and Anthony have combined to coach over 100 girls that went on to play in the NCAA. That experience, coupled with the playing and coaching experience they have at the college level, they have interacted with countless college coaches during their important role of helping place their athletes at the best college they can attend.

 Our network and connections to college coaches is extensive and we at Actyve have great pride in placing our athletes into top schools. In the past and going forward, all of our coaches will seek every possible angle to help our athletes acheive their dreams. Our track record is strong and we encourage you to reach out to Kristian if you have any questions.

What Actyve offers:
  • Player & parents meet individually with our Recruiting Coordinator to understand goals and strategize a game plan

  • Consult athletes on how to properly reach out to coaches and present themselves advantageously

  • Provide a road map & check points on when to follow-up with coaches

  • Edit game footage and put together a highlight film (extra cost may apply)

  • Benefit from our vast network of college coaches and connections from our existing coaches

  • Ability to use our club's affiliated third party national recruiting services

Sophia Howling - Class of 2017


Freshmen and Sophomores Must:

  • Start planning NOW! 

  • Work hard to get the best grades possible. 

  • Take classes that match your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses. The NCAA Eligibility Center will only use approved core courses to certify your initial eligibility.

  • You can access and print your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses at Enter the site, click “Resources” at the top of the screen then "US Students".

  • At the beginning of your sophomore year, go to and register.

Juniors Must:

  • Register to take the ACT, SAT or both and use the Eligibility Center code “9999” as a score recipient. 

  • Double check to make sure that you are taking courses that match your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses. 

  • Request that your high school guidance counselor send an official transcript to the Eligibility Center after completing your junior year. If you have attended more than one high school, send all transcripts (The Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed or emialed transcripts.) 

  • Prior to registration for your senior year, check with your guidance counselor to determine the number of core courses that need to be completed your senior year.

Seniors Must:

  • You may take the SAT and/or ACT as often as you feel necessary. The Eligibility Center will use the best scores from each section of the SAT or ACT to determine your best cumulative score.

  • Continue to take college prep courses. 

  • Check to make sure that you are taking courses that match your high school’s NCAA List of Approved Core Courses. 

  • Review your amateurism questionnaire responses and request final amateurism certification beginning April 1 (for fall enrollees) or October 1 (for spring enrollees). 

  • Continue to earn the best grades possible. 

  • Graduate on time (in eight academic semesters). If you fall behind, use summer school sessions prior to graduation to catch up. 

  • After graduation, ask your high school guidance counselor to send your final transcript to the Eligibility Center with proof of graduation.

  • Certifications will only be performed for student-athletes placed on an NCAA Division I or II institution's request list.


For questions or more information contact

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