Recruiting Checklist


❏ University Athlete Profile (UA): create/update your account. You don’t need to sign up for NCSA to play in college (UA is the coaches “search engine”)!

❏ Target List: 15-30 schools (use this to find more schools to add to your list).

❏ Highlight Video #1: 2-3 min of recent tournament play for Intro emails.

❏ Send Intro Email: create a template to ALL coaches on staff at each school.

❏ Highlight Video #2: 2-3 min recent game/practice video for Check-In emails.

❏ Send Check-In/Update Email: after intro email, then ask to watch you play before big tournaments. Send schedule, your interests & exciting updates.

❏ Recruiting Questionnaire: Do for all Target List schools on their VB website.

❏ Plan to Attend Summer Camps/Clinics: Only schools you are interested in.

❏ Lift Weights: 2-3 times/week - To get stronger & ready for collegiate lifting! 3 Quick Recruiting Tips: 1. Great way to start an email: “Dear Coach XXX and Coach YYY, I hope you are well! I’m contacting you to let you know I am very interested in attending (SCHOOL NAME) and playing volleyball for your program.” 2. At the end of the email, find out more: “If you’re not able to respond to me directly, I would love more information on your school. If you need a [grad year, position] and you think I might be a possible fit for your program, please feel free to contact me or my [coach or recruiting person at (email)].” 3. Before June 15th of your sophomore year ask about camps/clinics to attend! Example of a Good Subject Line to Use: [YOUR NAME][GRAD YEAR][HEIGHT][POSITION][GPA (if above 3.5)] - Intro & Video!