Sample Letter to a College Coach: Introduction (FR/SO)
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Dear Coaches [HC Last Name and AC Last Name] (only use a coach’s last name, not first name),


My name is Mary Jane Smith, and I am highly interested in attending [College], learning from the [insert desired major] department, and competing in your volleyball program. I am in the graduating class of [year] at [High School, City, State], where I have worked very hard to earn [enter high GPA (>3.5)]. Additionally, I play at Actyve Volleyball Club in Santa Monica, CA as [enter dominant position being recruited for].


I have attached my profile sheet, and here is a video link to some game highlights and skills video from the past club tournaments this season: [YouTube / HUDL / website link].

I would love to request additional information regarding camps, clinics, and questionnaires to find out if you would be interested in me as a prospective student athlete. I will be at [blank] Tournament in [City] this weekend.  My full tournament schedule is below.


Should you need any other information from me, please let me know.


My email address is

You can also contact my club recruiter at [] to learn more about me.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!




Mary Jane Smith

Actyve 18 Black

[Insert remaining-upcoming schedule]