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Our Mission:

To provide a competitive atmosphere of the highest level of development and respect, while steadfastly remaining true to our number one priority; quality. From practices to tournaments, coaches to administration, we provide our athletes a healthy environment to progress and grow not only athletically, but as a young woman.

       Our focus in teaching is answering not only the "how" but the "why". At Actyve, we take great pride in our collective achievements and know that athletic ability is only part of what it takes to succeed beyond the club level. Highlighting the importance of understanding the complete process that's required for success is incredibly important to us. We thoroughly educate our athletes on a number of things; from conditioning to nutrition, rehabilitation to injury prevention, mental approach to the recruiting process, and more. We strive to prepare our athletes for anything they will encounter, both on and off the court as they work to achieve their goals.


       At Actyve we're focused on creating an environment of accountability and loyalty. Where athletes and coaches keep each other accountable. Where coaches remain loyal to their athletes. Where athletes take great pride in their club, their teammates, and their coaches.

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