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Head Coach 13 White
Asst Coach 14 Blue

Kwame W '2324.jpg


Kwame Williams is a Los Angeles native who grew up spending most of his school years in Santa Monica. Being by the beach, Kwame was introduced to the sport of volleyball in elementary school. Kwame has been playing volleyball for 9 years now. Kwame played for the men's varsity volleyball team for 3 of his last years of high school and was Gold Coast champion all three years. Additionally, Kwame was an all-time League Div 1 Setter during his senior year at Crossroads School of Arts and Science. Under the mentorship of Mary Jane, head coach for Crossroads Men’s volleyball for 20+ years. Kwame went on to play at the University of Arizona for the Men’s club team where he received a bronze medal for the B team during nationals. Kwame has been in love with this sport ever since middle school and continues to show this passion whenever he’s on court.

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