14 Black Head Coach

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Torrance “TG” Pearce brings his unique brand of fiery enthusiasm and a full two decades to the table as the newest member of the Actyve staff. TG will be serving Actyve in a number of capacities, including Director of coaching development, overseeing the training of our 11-14’s age divisions and as Head coach of our 17-1’s.

TG’s passion for coaching has taken him to great heights in both the club and high school coaching arenas; in the latter, he found sustained success over eleven years as Head Varsity Coach for Boys and Girls at Saint Monica’s High School, winning a combined 5 Del Rey League Titles and getting as deep as the Final Four in CIF. His extensive time in the club coaching trenches, first at Sports Shack volleyball club and more recently with LAVA volleyball club, has also seen TG compile an impressive laundry list of accomplishments, both within the Southern California region and beyond it.

While his experience includes coaching 14’s -16’s to SCVA Division 1 finishes, historically T.G. has made his biggest and best marks in the 17’s and 18’s divisions. He notched three straight Top Five finishes at the year-end Volleyball Festival from 2005-2007, before taking the Junior Nationals (JO’s) by storm beginning in 2008 with a Top Ten 17’s Open Division finish. His teams have earned Top Ten finishes at a myriad of other prestigious national tournaments, including the SCVA Junior National Qualifier, the Far Western Qualifier, Colorado Qualifier, the Las Vegas Classic and AAU’s Open Division. 

TG has led many of his teams to medal finishes, including a Gold Medal (at Far Westerns in 2011), Silver Medal (at Junior Nationals in Miami in 2009) and most recently Bronze (at Junior Nationals in Indianapolis in 2016). In recent years his 17’s teams have finished their seasons ranked among the best teams nationally in that age division. Two of them finished in the top 30, in the nation!

Coaching Experience

Actyve Volleyball

  • 2020/21 - Head Coach 14 Black

  • 2019/20 - Head Coach 15-Mizuno Blue

  • 2018/19 - Head Coach 15-Mizuno

  • 2017/18 - Head Coach 17-Mizuno


  • 2017 coach for 17-1 South

    • 5th in Club division @ Las Vegas Classic

    • 11th in American division @ SCVA Qualifier

  • 2016 coach for 17-1 South

    • SCVA Div. 3

    • 2nd in Club division @ Las Vegas Classic

    • 9th in USA division @ Colorado qualifier

    • 3rd in Patriot division @ JO's in Indianapolis

  • 2015 coach for 18-1 South

    • SCVA Div. 2 and 3

    • final ranking of 31 in SCVA

  • 2014 coach for 18-1 South

    • SCVA Div. 1 and 2

    • final ranking of 17th in SCVA

    • 11th at NCVA Qualifier

    • 17th at LA Qualifier

  • 2013 coach for 18-1 South

    • SCVA Div. 2

    • final ranking of 26th in SCVA

    • 17th at NCVA Qualifier

    • 9th at AAU's Open Div.

 Sports Shack

  • 2012 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div. 2

    • final ranking of 26th in SCVA

    • 13th in SCVA Regionals

    • 9th at AAU's in Open Div. (first year)

  • 2011 coach for 17-1's

    • Qualified 4th year in row for JO's by winning Gold in National Div. at Far Western Tournament

  • 2010 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div. 1 and 2

    • 13th at Las Vegas Tournament

    • 7th at L.A. Qualifier

    • 7th at Far Western Qualifier

    • final ranking of 16th in SCVA 

  • 2009 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div. 1 and 2

    • 11th at Las Vegas Tournament

    • 4th at L.A. Qualifier

    • 8th at Far Western Qualifier

    • 2nd in Nationals at JO's

    • final ranking of 17th in SCVA 

    • final ranking of 28th in nation among all 17-under teams 

  • 2008 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div.1 and 2 

    • 11th at Las Vegas Tournament

    • 11th at L.A. Qualifier

    • 6th at Far Western Qualifier

    • 10th in Open at JO's

    • final ranking of 22 in SCVA 

    • final ranking of 18th in nation among all 17-under teams

  • 2007 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div. 2 and 3

    • 15th at L.A. Qualifier

    • 10th at Colorado Crossroads Qualifier

    • 4th at Reno Festival

  • 2006 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div. 3

    • 5th at Reno Festival

  • 2005 coach for 17-1's

    • SCVA Div. 3

    • 2nd at Davis Festival

  • 2004 coach for 17-1's

    • 27th in 18-under Div. at Davis Festival

  • 2003 coach for 18-2's

    • 33rd in 18-under, out of 231 teams at Davis Festival

  • 2002 coach for 14-1's.

    • SCVA Div. 1 and 2

    • 21st at Davis Festival

  • 2001 coach for 16-1's. 

    • SCVA Div. 1

    • 15th at Davis Festival

  • 2000 coach for 18-2's

  • 1999 coach for 18-2's

St. Monica High 

  • 11 years (94'-05') head coach for Boys and Girls varsity

  • 3 Boys league Titles, 94', 98', 01'

  • Boys CIF Semi-Finalist 98'

  • Boys CIF Quarter-Finalist 96', 01'

  • Ranked in the top 10, CIF Div. 5, 4 times