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Head Coach 16 Black TB
Asst Coach 17 Black


Playing & Coaching Experience

Coach Trevor is a passionate and accomplished individual with a deep-rooted love for volleyball. With a stellar background in both playing and coaching, his  journey in the world of volleyball has been nothing short of remarkable.

For a remarkable span of 8 years, Trevor showcased his exceptional skills as a Club volleyball player at Legacy, honing his abilities and gaining invaluable experience. Additionally, he spent 3 years participating in USA Volleyball, further expanding his expertise on a competitive level.

Recognized for his exceptional talent, Trevor was ranked as the #3 Libero in the esteemed Fab 50 rankings as he embarked on their college career. Trevor brought this incredible skill set to Long Beach State, where he triumphantly contributed to the team's success by clinching 2 national championships—a testament to their dedication on the court.

Passing on his knowledge and passion for the sport, Trevor has generously shared his expertise through coaching having been involved with prestigious summer camps at UCLA, Berkeley, and Long Beach State, nurturing and inspiring future volleyball stars.

As a seasoned coach, Trevor has dedicated 5 years to coaching club teams, guiding aspiring players towards reaching their full potential. Additionally, he made a lasting impact on high school athletes, coaching both girls and boys for 3 years, contributing to their growth and success.

Not only did he excel in playing and coaching, but also ventured into the professional realm. He proudly represented the LA Blaze as a professional volleyball player, showcasing skills and determination at the highest level of the sport.

With an extraordinary blend of playing, coaching, and professional experience, Trevor continues to inspire and make a profound impact on the world of volleyball. His unwavering dedication, expertise, and achievements are a testament to their remarkable journey and passion for the sport.

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