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Summer Line Up!

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Join us this summer for our Camps and Clinics! We have options for all skill levels from beginner to advanced!

All Skills Camp

This comprehensive camp will cover not only on-court skills, but also teach you about skills you can use off of the court to give you the best chance for success.

 Ages: U8-U12

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate



5 Sessions

June 10th - July 25th

Advanced Skills Clinics

Join us this summer for dynamic skill specific clinics on passing, defense, setting and attacking! We are offering two clinics per week in each skill set. 

 Ages: U3-U18

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

(at least 3 yrs of club experience)

M/W & T/Th

1 1/2 hr sessions


6 Sessions

June 10th - Aug 8th

Upper Level Position Clinics

These skills clinics have been added to our summer line up to target those athletes who are preparing for Varsity volleyball at their current high schools and/or exploring the college recruiting path. This camp will challenge your execution of technique, your volley IQ as well as showing you what it means to play these specific positions at a high level. Each clinic will be limited to 16 athletes. 

 Ages: U14-U18

Skill Level:

Advanced Only

(at least 5 yrs of club experience)


2 hr sessions/skill


6 Sessions

June 14th - July 26th

Serving as a Weapon!

Learn how to use your serve as an offensive weapon. We will focus on serving locations (zones 1-6), serving deep and short as well as different types of serves. This will include standing float, jump float and jump topspin serving.

 Ages: U13-U18

Skill Level:

All Skill Levels



6 Sessions

June 11th - Aug 6th

Summer Beach Camp

Our beach volleyball camp will be a great opportunity to diversify your training over the summer and learn to love yet another side of our game! We will be going over all skills on the beach – whether it be serving, passing, defense, hitting, or setting – with the goal(s) of improving our ball control on defense, being more creative on offense, and communicating + working well with our teammates in fun, game-like scenarios. 

 Ages: U11-U16

Skill Level:

All Skill Levels



1 Week

June 17th-19th

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